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Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce has been our Lead Minister since 2005.  He is originally from Athens, IL, and graduated from Lincoln Christian College and was ordained as a minister in 1988.  Before coming here, he served as youth minister for almost 16 years at Mason City, IL.  He met his wife Gwen there, and they were married in 1991.  They have 3 children; Andy (born 1993), Katie (1995) and Kellie (2002).

One of Bill’s great loves is Camp Ministry.  It was at Lake Springfield Christian Assembly that Bill turned his life over to Christ.  Since 1994 he’s been Dean of a week of camp, Junior High 2, and served on LSCA’s Executive Board since 1996.

Although he loves preaching and knows he’s called to it, he’ll always have a heart for youth ministry.  His big claim to fame is that he once killed a scorpion in the shower during a high school mission trip to Mexico.  Bill wants to make two major pilgrimages in his life:  one to the Holy Land, and one to the original Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas.